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Pyramid Valley Vineyards Home Collection, Lions Tooth Chardonnay 2015

MOP 740.00

For the common dandelion (from the French dent de lion), whose serrated leaves resemble feline teeth. Dandelion is a spectacularly well-balanced plant, and is enormously useful: its early leaves are delicious in salads, its root can be used to make a tonic coffee-like drink, and its flowers engender both wine, and biodynamic preparation 506.
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Grape: Chardonnay
Ratings: 94+ WA

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“Pyramid Valley Vineyards is one of New Zealand’s most prestigious and collectable wine producers, and is recognised around the globe as one of the country’s leading wine estates.
Pyramid Valley produces 7 different varietals across the Home Collection and Growers Collection ranges, all single vineyard and all either biodynamic, organic or are in conversion to such practices. All wines are made, unfined, unfiltered and as such are pure reflections of site, soil and season. With meticulous vineyard management and with the use of vineyard starter ferments, Pyramid Valley produces an authentic experience that takes you on a journey of discovery, to that vineyard, to that moment in time, where harmony exists between fruit, vine, soil and yeast.”