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Château Saint Maur Cru Classé Les Seigneurs de Saint Maur, IGP du Var 2016

MOP 110.00

These tender and fruity rosé wines have an airy lightness. The grape varieties which make up this cuvee produce a clear rosé, lively with fine fruity flavours, balanced and fresh. The mouth-feel is characterised by a lovely aromatic structure producing a pleasant vivacity. The aromatic palette is rich and varied gradually increasing during tasting. Rosé wines, served as an aperitif, are associated with moments of shared friendship or to brighten up your guests at an afternoon barbecue.
Bottle Size: 750ml
Grape: Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan, Merlot

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Already the owner of the Quinta do Pessegueiro in the Douro for more than 25 years, Roger Zannier took up the challenge of turning the Château Saint-Maur into one of the finest references in Provence, entrusting the fate of this Provencal gem to his son-in-law, Marc Monrose.
Situated in Cogolin, Just 10 km from Saint-Tropez, to the west of the plain that links the foothills of the impressive Maures mountain mass to the sea. In the distance, at the top of its hill, arise the ruins of Grimaud Castle. Nestled at its feet are its packed houses, and then the vines that cover the hillsides between scrubland and cork oaks.

Château Saint Maur has one sole objective: extracting the the flavourful part of the grape juice with as much intensity as finesse, and master the colour, which is particularly important for the rosé wines that constitute 90% of the production: upscale rosé, pure wines delicately crafted for pleasure or high gastronomy.