Quinta de Chocapalha Vinha Mae 2013

MOP 288.00

Deep colour of violet tonality and good concentration in the nose. Rich perfume of ripe black fruit and floral notes. Beautifully structured with rich tannins this wine has an amazing aging capacity. The aftertaste is solid, elegant and persistent.
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Grape: “40% Tinta Roriz 30% Touriga Nacional 30% Syrah”

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“Quinta de Chocapalha is nestled between the sun-bathed hills surrounding Alenquer, just northwest of Lisboa.

Originally acquired in 1987 by Paulo Tavares and his wife Alice upon his retirement from the Navy, the 110 acres of nearly abandoned vineyards discovered on the estate date back to the 16th century.
The family immediately embarked on an investment program to replant and regraft the vines with the thriving varietals of the area, both indigenous and international.

The new plantings had reached optimal maturity when Sandra Tavares, the youngest daughter made her first debut as a winemaker, passionate and eager to produce wine with only the best grapes found on the estate.
Drawing from traditional and modern winemaking influences, Quinta de Chocapalha vinifies in traditional lagares yet employs the use of a mechanical treaders during fermentation; this fine-tuned winemaking philosophy shines through in the wines, which boast both traditional minerality and elegance, while remaining fresh and fruit forward in essence.”